-Bring a fresh copy of your resume
-Bring a copy of your brag book
it's best to put them together in a nice, neat binder
-Dress professionally, that means a suit
-Be prepared, make sure you are well informed about the company and the product line
-Show up at least 15 minutes early
If you are running late for any reason call the hotel, the manager, your recruiter, this is critical
-Ask questions, have a few in depth questions in mind, if they are not answered during the interview then ask them
-Close the deal.  Ask for the next step, is it a ride in the field, another face-to-face, going to corporate?
-Ask the manager if they have any questions for you, any reasons you would NOT be a good fit? 
-Follow up.  Get a card, leave a voicemail, send an e-mail, reiterate your interest in the position.
Do Not's:
-DO NOT be late
-Do not over-do the cologne, perfume or makeup
-Do not be dressed casually
-Do not believe, for one minute, that the manager is there to sell you on the company.  You are there to sell them on why you want to come work for them and why you are the best fit for the job.
-Do not forget to close for the next step.  You may have a stellar interview but if you walk out without asking for that next step, then your chance of making it there are slim.
-Most importantly, do not pull a "no show".  If you are not interested, at whatever stage in the process, call your recruiter.  This saves much time and aggravation and ensures you a good relationship with us for future searches.
What is a "Brag Book"?
Brag books, hero files, etc., contain documentation to back up the awards and accomplishments listed on your resume.
These can include:
-Photo copies of awards, plaques, letters of recommendation, etc.
-Photo copies of your rankings vs. your peers
-A brief, one page presentation or business plan that outlines your qualifications and skill sets
Your best bet is to have a copy that you can leave with the interviewing manager for review later if you cannot get to it during the interview.
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